Probate and Trust

No one wants a fight with family. But when conflict arises over whether a loved one’s last wishes are truly being respected, you need knowledgeable, tough attorneys to defend the real intent of the deceased, as well as your own interests.

With years of experience and courtroom-honed skill in probate and trust litigation, HFL Law Group’s lawyers enable clients mired in messy inheritance disputes to resolve their cases swiftly and favorably. We represent heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives, trustees, and settlors in disputes related to estate administration, will contests, conservatorships, trust matters and more. Our expertise includes issues of:

  • Competence, undue influence, and duress
  • Will construction and interpretation
  • Improper asset administration
  • Trustee fraud, misappropriation, and self-dealing

If you’re caught up in a probate or trust dispute and cordial discussion has failed, call in back-up from HFL Law Group today.

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