Real Estate

HFL Law Group’s attorneys are experienced in real estate litigation, including disputes involving contracts; zoning, permitting and land use; and design and construction defects. The firm’s skilled attorneys have achieved numerous important published decisions in this area.

A few notable cases include:

  • Friends of Mammoth – HFL defended the Town of Mammoth Lake against a lawsuit by environmental group Friends of Mammoth alleging that the town’s redevelopment plan and attendant environmental impact report did not comply with state law. The case, which went to appeals, ultimately resulted in changes to California redevelopment law.
  • Warren v Merrill – HFL represented an elderly homebuyer in a lawsuit against the real estate broker who had represented him in his purchase of a condominium. The broker breached her fiduciary duty and defrauded HFL’s client in several ways. This published decision has created far-reaching implications in real estate. It is commonly used in continuing education courses to illustrate brokers’ fiduciary duty, as well as elder abuse. The case made it easier for everyone, including seniors, to take legal action against unscrupulous brokers.

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